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Sightseeing routes
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Discover our city tour and the remarkable points of Bruyères thanks to the panels equipped with QR code.
Find the route on our city map, at the tourist office.
distance :
2,6 km
duration :
1:45 (hh:mm)
Marking :
Office de Tourisme
Lil barbe
starting point :
50Avenue du Cameroun
departure :
latitude : 48,208904 / longitude : 6,72238479999999
Join the tour :The departure is in front of the tourist office
Description of the tour :Leave the building of the BNB bank in the direction of the Henri Mathieu Museum then continue on Rue de l’Hôpital. Take the first left after the hospital, you are now in Rue de l’Avison. On your right, discover the access road to the cemetery and its military square. Join the street again and take Rue du Lavoir until the junction of Rue de Vervezelle. To the left, join Place Stanislas and its bandstand. Continue on Avenue du Cameroun, turn right at the traffic light and continue to the church. Continue straight ahead, you are in Rue du Haut De La Ville that joins Rue Cabée. Go down to the parking lot of the post office then take Avenue du Cameroun. On your right after the Trep’s Bar there is a stone arch that allows joining Cours de l’Amitié. Bypass the playgrounds to join the pedestrian path. You are back at the starting point!
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