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Fitness / outdoor trails
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Walk in the heart of the forest. Let yourself be driven by birdsong and the sound of water.
distance :
8,5 km
duration :
2h30 (hh:mm)
difference in height :
244 m
Marking :
Disque bleu
office de tourisme
office de tourisme
starting point :
La Haute Verrière
departure :
latitude : 48,1949580115448 / longitude : 6,65076699449605
Join the tour :From Bruyères, head for Remiremont. In Lépanges sur Vologne, pass in front of the church and continue along the village heights. Take Chemin de la Haute Verrière, then you can park your car next to the hunting cabin.
Description of the tour :Hike in the very heart of the forest. Let yourself be driven by the noise of the water and the birds’ song. Follow the blue circle markings during nearly 1.5km (0.9miles) before arriving at the junction which will invite you to walk in the direction of the water source of the Durbion on your left. You are in the municipal forest of Dompierre. After passing the cross of Saint-Christophe, turn right two times, still following the blue circles markings. Then, you can to go to the water source of the Durbion by following the red circles marking. The round trip will take you about 15 minutes and you will also enjoy the rock of Aurichapelle at the same time. Back on the initial pathway (blue circles), continue for 500meters before arriving at the cross of Boursier (you can go underneath the Boursier shelter if the weather is bad). About 1km (0.6miles) further, you will be invited to turn right (towards Viménil, green circles). Then you arrive at a junction where you turn left. 250meters further, the marking indicates to turn right on a narrow pathway which is going down. You arrive at another junction which presents a large pathway that you will take on your right. Then, a bit further, turn left towards the water source of Sainte-Marie. After going up, you arrive again on a large pathway on your right. Continue on this same pathway which goes up until finding back the intersection of the beginning of the loop. Turn left on the pathway which allows going back to your car by Chemin de la Haute Verrière.
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