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Fitness / outdoor trails
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This walk is accessible to all, alternating between tarred roads and forest paths.
distance :
5,5 km
duration :
2h30 (hh:mm)
difference in height :
147 m
Marking :
Cercle jaune
Office de Tourisme
Office de Tourisme
starting point :
Intersection Rte de la Mairie et Rte de Stéaumont
departure :
latitude : 48,1784203323732 / longitude : 6,7044111747939
Join the tour :From the center of Bruyères, drive in the direction of the Barbazan area, then cross the municipality of Champ-le-Duc and head for Fiménil. Enter in the village, pass in front of the city hall of Fiménil and continue to the water tank. You can park around
Description of the tour :This walk is accessible to all, alternating tarred road and forest pathways. A picnic table is at your disposal at the beginning of the loop to have a break. Enter in Bois De La Haie by the road of Champ François and follow the blue cross markings during the entire hike. At the first junction, continue straight then walk along a farm on your left before taking the road which goes up on your right. During the climb, your will walk along the water syndicate of Stéaumont on your left. This road becomes a pathway which crosses the municipal forest of Fiménil. Turn right at the next junction, still following the blue crosses. About 500 meters further you will see another junction, go straight on the central pathway which will welcome you with resinous trees and heather. Continue for 800meters before leaving the forest. You will find a tarred road with some houses that will lead you at the starting point.
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