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Fitness / outdoor trails
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A walk without any serious difficulties for those who enjoy walking without climbing.
distance :
10,8 km
duration :
2h30 (hh:mm)
difference in height :
90 m
Marking :
Cercle jaune
Office de Tourisme
Office de Tourisme
starting point :
Place de l'Eglise
departure :
latitude : 48,2475612366115 / longitude : 6,60217073156434
Join the tour :From Bruyères, head for Epinal, continue straight, pass through the villages of Grandvillers and Gugnécourt. Arrived in Girecourt, park your car on the church’s parking lot.
Description of the tour :This walk allows us discovering the villages of Girecourt sur Durbion, Gugnécourt and Méménil. This loop, mostly on flat road, is perfect for a lovely spring or autumn day. Take the walkway of the castle, in front of the church. It is bordered by the (private) castle, built in the 16th century. Then, turn left and stay on the road which leads to an allotment. This same road becomes a pathway which runs along the stream of Fontenay. Keep walking on this pathway which is close to some plots of livestock and which leads you to Gugnécourt. Arrived in town, leave the church on your left and continue on the road in the direction of the city hall. Continue walking on this same tarred road to leave the town. Enter in the municipal forest of Gugnécourt by taking the Chemin de la Haie, on your right. Still in this same forest, after nearly 1km (0.6 miles), turn left in a big turn.

Continue straight during almost 2km (1.2 miles). You are in the municipal forest of Longchamp. At the end of this pathway, take the tarred road on your right which will bring you in Méménil, a town renowned for its Christmas Market on the fourth weekend before Christmas.

Walk along the church and the City Hall then turn right towards Girecourt Sur Durbion. Continue straight on, leave the town with the cemetery at your left.

Keep walking on this same tight and curving tarred road. Even if this road is not busy, remain cautious. Join the municipality of Girecourt Sur Durbion. You are walking along the D420 which is a busy road, then you will walk in front of the West facade of the castle before joining the church’s parking lot.
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