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A walk starting from Le Roulier that offers two alternatives along the route.
distance :
13,5 km
duration :
01:30 (hh:mm)
difference in height :
385 m
Marking :
Cercle jaune
starting point :
Parking de la Mairie
departure :
latitude : 48,2349798 / longitude : 6,75235099999998
Join the tour :From Bruyères, head for Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, at the exit of Brouvelieures, drive towards the center of Domfaing and park your car at the parking lot of the city hall.
Description of the tour :This walk is composed of 3 successive loops and can be shortened. (1st loop: 6km (3.7miles), 2nd loop: 7,5km (4.6miles), 3rd loop: 13,5km (8miles))

Start in Rue de la Côte, in front of the city hall. After the last house and before the entrance of the forest, take a look at the nice view of the village. Continue to go up. Arriving on the forest pathway, turn left. Soon you will leave it in order to go up to the right. Enjoy the beautiful views of the villages of the valley to have a little break. After arriving on the plateau, a little alternative will lead you to a beautiful point of view. Continue to Col de l’Augraye.

If you chose the 1st loop, turn right, otherwise continue for 100meters then turn left towards the cross of Machiefour. After about 1km (0.6miles), do not forget to turn right. You are now at the junction of the cross of Machiefour.

If you chose the 2nd loop, turn right, otherwise turn left for 100meters then turn right. You are now on the ridge path. You will discover a point of view of the Pimpierre in Bois de Champ, the rock of Pain de Poire (a sandstone conglomerate) a chao of rocks with a wonderful view of the valley and the Lorrain plateau on clear days. In autumn, you will be charmed by the red hollies. This leads to a forest pathway (Chemin de La Paix et de La Liberté) that you will take to the right. Now, note the cross of Fraisimont and continue to the junction of the cross of Thomas which is up on the rocks of Poires Sèches. Before this rock, go down to the right (towards the cross of Riche) until the sign which will invite you to follow the path that goes to the right, it will lead you to the cross of Machiefour. Go to the left on the ridge path, then, after going down, you are back at the Augraye. Continue straight for 100meters, then turn left towards Domfaing. It is a nice pathway with some beautiful Scots pines on the edges. Do not miss the pathway that goes down to the left which will bring you back at the starting point.
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