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Fitness / outdoor trails
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distance :
10 km
duration :
01:45 (hh:mm)
difference in height :
258 m
Marking :
Cercle vert
Office de Tourisme
Office de Tourisme
starting point :
La Haute Verrière
departure :
latitude : 48,1932534703905 / longitude : 6,65325325025174
Join the tour :Leave Bruyères in the direction of Remiremont. 800 meters after Laval Sur Vologne, turn right in the direction of Fays. Right after the city sign of Fays, turn left on Rue de La Roche, then on Rue de la Basse, then on Rue de Saint-Pierremont. Keep driving until the city sign of Lépanges Sur Vologne. Turn right and continue on this road for 2km (1,2 miles). After 100 meters on a dirt road, you are finally arrived (The hunting lodge)
Description of the tour :According to your arrival point, go right on the edge for 200meters. Enter to the left, in a charming beech forest, towards the Cross of Faîte. After the information board about the crossed forests, continue on the left in a forest pathway, then in the turn, at 200meters, go down the pathway to the left. It is turning to the right for 100meters, to the left for 200meters, and do not miss a steep and quite long descent to the left. Down there, go to the right and soon you will be walking on a larger forest pathway. At the next junction, close to a small stream, continue on the right then on the left. You are discovering the hamlet of Void de la Borde, municipality of Viménil. Walk through the hamlet and continue on this tarred road. You will see a large view of the plateau of Lorraine and then the city of Viménil, nestled around the crops.
Before the playground and the information board, go to the left in the forest (a picnic table is at your disposal). As soon as you can see the farm of La Clairière de la Basse Verrière, go to the left uphill. At the top, at the intersection, continue to the right then soon to the left and you will find a forest pathway. Follow this path to the right, slightly uphill. At the picnic point, enjoy the pathway that leads to the water source Marie. Slowly resume your ascent. Deciduous trees (oak and beech), resinous (firs, spruce, even larch) will join you.
At the first intersection, go to the left and stay on this forest path until arriving at the top. It remains a little part of flat pathway until going back to La Clairière de la Haute Verrière, your starting point.
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