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Go on an adventure with your family, discover the hints that allow answering to the enigmas that are accessible to everyone: for all ages, young and old alike, come to play in the streets and alleys of Docelles!
distance :
2,4 km
duration :
1h30 (hh:mm)
Marking :
office de tourisme
office de tourisme
starting point :
parking / aire d'accueil camping-carPlace de l'Espine
departure :
latitude : 48,146449 / longitude : 6,617573
Description of the tour :This fun walk requires to take the Randoland sheets available at the Tourist Office. There are 4 sheets: one for the adults, and the last 3 ones are for the kids, depending on their age. Along the route, kids will help the hike detective to solve the investigation.
Allowed pets


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