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In the valley of the Vologne, at the foot of the mountain of the village, Fays is a small characterful Vosges village in a green setting.
distance :
11,5 km
duration :
03:30 (hh:mm)
difference in height :
276 m
Marking :
Cercle jaune
Ph. Poix
OT Bruyères
starting point :
Mairie de FaysParking face mairie
departure :
latitude : 48,1928558 / longitude : 6,67508410000005
Join the tour :From Place Stanislas, head for Remiremont. After leaving the village of Laval Sur Vologne, take the direction of Fays. Soon after the entrance of the village, park your car in the parking lot before the city hall.
Description of the tour :When leaving the parking lot, go down to the right, from where you arrived. In the turn, take the pathway on the right which goes up in a wooded ravine. Walk along a fence and you will arrive on a dirt pathway. Enjoy the wide panorama. Take the pathway on your left then turn right. After a short descent and fording of a stream, follow a flat pathway in the middle of a wonderful beech tree forest. Before the first houses of Lépanges Sur Vologne, turn right on the pathway. It will soon follow the edge. Do not miss this landscape where the village is nestling in the back on the slopes of the Vologne valley. On a dirt pathway, on the heights, turn left. At the next junction, go down for 100meters then take Rue du Parémont which you will soon leave to turn left, then Rue de l’Orée du Bois. In the turn, take the dirt pathway which goes up and makes you enter in the forest. Back on a large forest pathway, turn right until a tarred road (1km. =0.6miles). Follow this road for 200meters, then turn right on the pathway that goes down. At the exit of the forest, turn left on the pathway then turn left on the road. Leave Rue des Mauvais Blés to take a dirt pathway on the left, then turn left two times. The large forest pathway will bring you close to the stele of Bégel, then to the old gray quarry and finally at the top of the hill (nice view of Bruyères when going down). At the tarred road, if you are tired, you can reach the parking lot by Rue de la Creuse. Otherwise, it remains 3.5km (2.1miles). Take the grassed pathway on the edge which will bring you in the forest, be careful not to miss your pathway to the right! Go to the left when arriving on the pathway. Agrarian landscape, point of view of Bruyères and the Vologne valley, forest of various species and water catchments along the route, but do not forget to turn right on a pathway when you reach the exit of the forest, close to a farm. This pathway will lead you to the town by going down on your right and to the parking lot.
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