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Cultural trails
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From the rocks of Fouchon, discover a panorama typical of the Vosges valleys.
distance :
9 km
duration :
2h30 (hh:mm)
difference in height :
160 m
Marking :
Cercle vert
starting point :
Place de l'Eglise
departure :
latitude : 48,2358501 / longitude : 6,73178580000001
Join the tour :From Bruyères, head for Saint-Dié-des-Vosges. In Brouvelieures, park your car on the public square near the church.
Description of the tour :From the public square, go on Rue du Feigneux which is in front of you when you turn the back to the bakery. The street goes straight. At a junction, go on the dirt pathway to the left. When following this pathway, you will see all the water catchment buildings of the municipality. At the Cora’s water tank, take the hairpin turn to follow a flat pathway. You will see numerous and remarkable anthills and some points of views of the villages of Belmont and Domfaing. Do not go right on the pathway that goes up. Go down for a while and you will see a house, “La Ferme des Anges” (the angels’ farm). Turn right in the pathway that goes up (in the middle of it, It is possible to go at the rock of Fouchon). At the end of the slope a nice view of Bruyères, the Avison, the castle and Buemont. On your right, an old quarry: its materials used to maintain forest roads. You are once again on a flat pathway in a summit. Always have a look at the green circle marking of this route, numerous pathways can lead you in the wrong direction. After nearly 1km (0.6miles), you can see on your left a view of the valley of the Mortagne and Rambervillers. 100meters away, go down to the right. Make a stop before to enjoy the nice view of Brouvelieures, Domfaing and Belmont. Down at the junction, turn right and soon the houses of Brouvelieures will appear. The bell tower will guide you back to the parking lot.
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