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Fitness / outdoor trails
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At the foot at the Vosges Massif, an authentic natural setting awaits you to live a great moment with family or friends.
distance :
5,5 km
duration :
1h45 (hh:mm)
difference in height :
120 m
Marking :
Cercle bleu
B. Moulin
starting point :
Rue de la MortagneMoulin Neuf
departure :
latitude : 48,2420636322752 / longitude : 6,74425833856208
Join the tour :From Bruyères, drive in the direction of Saint-Dié-des-Vosges. Then, after Brouvelieures, in Neuf Moulin, park your car at the junction that leads to the center of Domfaing.
Description of the tour :A sign, at the entrance of Rue de la Mortagne indicates the starting point. Take this way which becomes a dirt pathway. After 200meters, you arrive at the bridge that spans the Mortagne river. 100meters away, turn right (3 successive junctions) in a flat pathway. After 900meters, turn left on a steep pathway that goes up. At the first junction, continue to go up to the right and you will walk by the water reservoir of the municipality of Domfaing. You will also see at your feet one of the last sawmills of the valley of La Mortagne. Continue for 400meters before turning left on a narrow pathway which leads to the foot of the wonderful rock of Contimpierre, a rock of sandstone conglomerate with a natural cave. Take note of its legend. Continue on the steep pathway and find a forest pathway that you will take on the left. After 100meters, on your right, note a wonderful pine tree spared by the 1999 hurricane. The pathway on which you are walking was blown away by this hurricane. At the next junction, continue on the pathway of the middle and have a look at the marking. On your right, you can see some parcels of sparse pines (a method for regeneration). 500meters away, turn left at 90 degrees before slowly going down. Now, firs replace pines. After 1km (0.6miles), discover a large aperture. To the right, Brouvelieures, in front of you Domfaing and its bell tower on a hill. On the horizon between two villages, the hills that dominate Bruyères: the Avison and its antenna, Pointhaie and the Castle. At the next junction go down to the right, then when arriving down, turn left towards Neuf Moulin with the Mortagne river below. At the close junction, leave to the right to go back at the start of the route. When turning left, you will find back the bridge of La Mortagne, then your car.
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