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Steeped in history and remarkable natural sites, the massif of Fossard rises above Docelles. The loop of the Haut du Bois is starting from this small town with rich history in the paper industry and crossed by the Vologne and the Barba rivers. Enjoy this varied route where forest roads alternate with wide open spaces. Numerous points of views of the surrounding valleys await you.

Without any serious difficulties except its distance, this hike allows discovering among others the Auberge du Ruxelier where it is good to eat or stay in the heart of the Vosges nature.

At daybreak, the luckiest visitors may even spot wild animals.
distance :
14,7 km
duration :
4h00 (hh:mm)
difference in height :
450 m
Marking :
Disque rouge
starting point :
departure :
latitude : 48,1456852 / longitude : 6,61858810000001
Join the tour :From Bruyères, head for Remiremont. Cross the town of Laval sur Vologne and Lépanges sur Vologne, then turn right towards Docelles. Once in town, park your car close to the church.
Description of the tour :This route winds through beautiful deciduous forests and allows discovering the site of the Maquis du Haut-du-Bois which is a symbol of the numerous actions of resistance fighters during the second world war. On September 9, 1944, this maquis of 30 persons was attacked by German forces. Following their leader's order to withdraw, more than 20 persons survived but 10 lost their lives. At the starting point of the camping car area (follow the red triangle marking), join the church, walk along it to the right on Rue du Colonel Bertin, tree lined street. Continue straight and walk along the old paper mills LANA on your left. Go on Rue des Gaises on your right and continue on this pathway until you can see the first marking (red disc). Turn right on the large pathway, round the Ermitage and join La Ratte. Follow the road to the left. At the last house, continue on the large pathway and you will walk by three small ponds. Continue to the road. Turn now to the left on a pathway which avoids tarred roads. At the junction, continue straight until the restaurant l’Auberge du Ruxelier. Turn left (botanical pathway, gray rocks with shelter) then go up the Vallon. Turn right (you will have the possibility to see the monument of the Maquis du Haut-du-Bois to the left). Continue straight. Into the fields, turn right, then left on the pathway. Few after entering in the forest, turn right on a pathway: it crosses the forest of the Rapailles. Turn left down the pathway, then turn right. At the end of the glade, continue going down in the forest of Xamontarupt and you will arrive on a pathway; follow it to the right. At the junction close to a road, continue to the left for 500meters. In the second turn, go down by a shortcut to the right. At the exit of the pathway, turn right to the starting point (view of the village of Xamontarupt).
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