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At the foot at the Vosges massif, an authentic natural setting awaits you to life a great moment with family or friends.
distance :
6,8 km
duration :
1h45 (hh:mm)
difference in height :
215 m
Marking :
Cercle rouge
Bernard Moulin
starting point :
Place StanislasAu fond à gauche
departure :
latitude : 48,2093401404922 / longitude : 6,72311972527007
Join the tour :This walk starts from Place Stanislas, in the center of Bruyères. Park your car on the square.
Description of the tour :Go to the right under the bower and walk along the bandstand. Continue straight then turn left (in the direction of Les Caves de l’Avison, a wine cellar where you can discover the beer “La Bonne Bière de Bruyères”). Continue straight to join the foot of the Avison’s Mountain (1) which is risen in front of you. Take the road on your left and leave Bruyères. Continue straight on the forest road. After the glade, take the pathway (2) then the pathway on the left towards Pointhaie.
Down the pathway, turn right and walk along the fishing pond and the recreational pond to join the road. Turn right and once again turn right after the house on the pathway that climbs in the direction of Pointhaie (3) (look up to find the sign).
Continue walking up straight towards the rocks, then follow the sinuous pathway in front of you. After some zigzags, you will walk along a first rock. Keep climbing for 50m. (4)
You are at the foot of the rocks of Pointhaie (climbing site located at an altitude of 517meters). Walk along the rocks and follow the pathway along the ridge. Start to go down, always straight. Look in front of you and on the right, the panorama of Bruyères and the surrounding hills. Keep going down.
At the junction (5) take the pathway towards Vervezelle. Watch under your feet the red sand which results from the decomposition of pink sandstone typical of the Vosges. Continue to go down straight to the road. Turn right and keep walking straight to join Bruyères and Place Stanislas.
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