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Fitness / outdoor trails
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At the foot at the Vosges massif, an authentic natural setting awaits you to live a great moment with family or friends.
distance :
9 km
duration :
03:30 (hh:mm)
difference in height :
300 m
Marking :
Croix bleue
starting point :
19Rue du Centre
departure :
latitude : 48,1623534 / longitude : 6,75289309999994
Join the tour :From Bruyères, take the road D423 in the direction of Gérardmer. Continue straight for 5.2km (3.23miles) and cross the town of Laveline-Devant-Bruyères. Right after the exit of the village, turn right to Jussarupt. At the junction, turn right on the road 50D to Jussarupt. Arrived in town, turn right at the junction, and park your car at the next junction.
Description of the tour :At the junction, the marking is located next to the sign “Le centre”. Go in the direction of the Haut Vinot, follow the blue cross marking. At the following junction, turn right and follow this road. Then, turn right on the first road that goes up. Continue going up until the bench located at the junction of 3 paths. Take the one at your left. At the following bench, there is a shelter if you wish to have a break in the shade. Continue on your left. After 400meters, turn right then follow the pathway on your left. You will have a large point of view. Follow the pathway on your right and continue straight at the following junction. You will reach a pathway close to some houses, take the road on your left then the one on your right. Go down and take the second road on the left. You are in the forest again, do not take the pathway that goes down in the forest but continue straight. Exit the road to take a pathway on the left, then, at the junction, turn right. In the forest, you will arrive at a junction, turn left. Follow the pathway which goes down on the right, then turn right again. Once arrived on the road, turn left and go down to the village.
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