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This historic tour allows walking in the forest of Helledraye, in the footsteps of the american soldiers who came to liberate Bruyères in 1944
distance :
5,5 km
duration :
01:45 (hh:mm)
difference in height :
184 m
Marking :
Cercle jaune
Ph. Poix
starting point :
Place StanislasAu fond à gauche
departure :
latitude : 48,214362 / longitude : 6,70768599999997
Join the tour :Start from Place Stanislas in the center of Bruyères. Park your car on the square.
Description of the tour :Optional: starting from Place Stanislas:

Go up the Avenue du Cameroun in the direction of Saint-Dié-des-Vosges and Epinal. Continue straight on Rue Leopold and Rue Joffre. Continue straight, then take Rue de la Libération where a first ant indicates that you are on the right path. Go in Rue du 442ème RCT on your right towards the Ants’ Mountain. (1) You are now in Rue du 442ème RCT at the foot of the Ants’ Mountain. Take the tarred road in front of you, follow the markings (yellow circles) indicated below. After 10meters on the tarred road, continue on the pathway. Continue going up by taking the pathway on the right at the junction. Continue straight to the playground.

(2) Alternative: to the right, follow the sign which indicates “le Point du jour” (red circles) and discover a panorama of Bruyères and the summits around.
Continue to arrive at the junction of 4 pathways. Picnic tables are at your disposal for a well-deserved break. Go to the left on Chemin de la Paix et de la Liberté, in the direction of Sept Frères. (3) Discover on your right, the remarkable beech tree composed of seven different trunks. 100meters further on your right, the pathway leaves the road to join the Sentier des Ducs. Walk along the “Noeud de l’amitié” (the friendship knot) and the US memorial dedicated to the liberation of Bruyères by the Hawaiian troops of the 100th / 442nd RCT (Regimental Combat Team). (4) At the forest junction, turn right towards la Basse de l’Ane 30 minutes away. The forest path overlooks La Basse de l’Ane and goes down progressively towards Bruyères. (5) At the bottom, take the pathway to the right and join the foot of the Ants’ Mountain. Join Place Stanislas by Rue du 442ème RCT, then by Rue de la Libération, Rue Joffre, Rue Léopold and finally, Avenue du Cameroun.

A free booklet explains this uncommon story which led to the liberation of Bruyères in 1944. Ask for it at the Tourist Office!
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