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Fitness / outdoor trails
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This ant’s path is ideal for families. This route is short and lined with ants sculptures and information boards.
distance :
4,2 km
duration :
01:45 (hh:mm)
difference in height :
295 m
Marking :
Office de Tourimse
Office de Tourisme
starting point :
Place StanislasAu fond à gauche
departure :
latitude : 48,208904 / longitude : 6,72238479999999
Join the tour :Starting point: Place Stanislas. You can also start at the foot of the Ant’s Mountain.
Description of the tour :Leave Place Stanislas to join the roundabout. Cross the street Avenue du Cameroun towards Saint-Dié des Vosges and Epinal. At the traffic light, continue straight on Rue Leopold then on Rue Joffre. At the junction, take the street Rue de la Liberation where a first ant, at your right, will indicate that you are in the right direction. Head for Rue du 442ème RCT on your right towards the Ants’ Mountain. Another ant and some markings will indicate that you arrive at the foot of the Ants’ Mountain. Continue to follow the “ant” markings indicated below. Continue by going up on your right by the small road, you will walk along some new ants. Keep climbing to reach the crossroad of 4 paths. (Picnic tables are at your disposal for a little break). Follow the marked path on your left and the markings in the direction of the Point du jour (daybreak). 150meters away, on your left you will find a playground which will delight kids. Continue straight in the direction of the Point du jour, where you will discover a panorama of Bruyères and the summits around. Continue going down the pathway. Join a bigger pathway and turn left to continue going down until arriving at the foot of the mountain. Go straight on your way back to Place Stanislas. Take the street Rue du 442ème RCT then continue straight on Rue de La Libération. Follow Rue Joffre and Rue Léopold towards the town center. Take the Avenue du Cameroun and join Place Stanislas.
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