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At the top of the Avison mountain, a large 360 degree panorama awaits you from the watchtower. Discover the surrounding valleys and the main Vosges summits.
distance :
3 km
duration :
04:00 (hh:mm)
difference in height :
139 m
Marking :
Triangle rouge
Philippe POIX
Office de Tourisme
starting point :
Place StanislasAu fond à gauche
departure :
latitude : 48,2093758895481 / longitude : 6,72313581852416
Join the tour :The starting point is in Place Stanislas, in the center of Buyères. Park your car on the square.
Description of the tour :Take the pathway under the trees and walk along the bandstand to join the opposed corner following the markings (red triangle). Walk in the direction of Belmont by Rue Jean Lurçat. You will walk along the museum of folk-art of Bruyères (Henri Mathieu Museum). Note that it is located in the old synagogue, listed historical monument.
Arrived in Place du Commandant Flesh, continue straight. After 50meters, you walk along the hospital. Then turn left on Rue de l’Avison. You walk along the cemetery and its military square. Continue straight in the direction of the Avison Mountain which is rising in front of you. You are now arrived at the foot of the Avison. Turn left on the pathway that goes up (a barrier prevents cars from trespassing).
The Avison is the landmark of Bruyères. It is presumably the historical center of settlement in the area because some remnants from the 4th century were found here. It is also a place to walk very appreciated by the inhabitants of Bruyères. Progressively during the climb, observe the change of vegetation as a result of the direction shift. Some plants of blueberries are also growing on the hillside of the Avison, note that here we do not call them “myrtilles” (blueberries), as we do in other parts of France, but “brimbelles”.
After 20 minutes of climb, you will arrive at the foot of the Mirador (the watchtower). A little more effort to climb the few steps which separate you from an amazing point of view of the area. A 360-degree panorama view is offered to you. When the weather is good, you can see the Vosges summits (use the orientation table to identify them).
To return, take the same pathway in reverse. There are multiple pathways in the Avison, you can take them to go down, however some of them have stairs.
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