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At the foot at the Vosges Massif, an authentic natural setting awaits you to live a great moment with family or friends.

Bruyères is unique for its natural wooded environment that is an invitation to take a stroll and to discover. This tour has multiple aspects and offers a remarkable panorama “from city to country”. Starting from the center of the village, close to Place Stanislas, this hike does not contain any serious difficulty. Some nice point of views will enhance your journey at the halfway point, after climbing the mountain of Fouchon.
All along the route, you will see the Avison mountain which is emblematic of the region, with the watchtower at the top.
Makings: blue ring
distance :
9,45 km
duration :
04:00 (hh:mm)
difference in height :
245 m
Marking :
Cercle bleu
Bernard Moulin
Office de Tourisme
starting point :
Place StanislasAu fond à gauche
departure :
latitude : 48,2093723146439 / longitude : 6,72311972526995
Join the tour :The starting point is in Place Stanislas
Description of the tour :From de starting sign, take the tree-lined path, pass by the bandstand entrance and rally the opposed corner. Walk in the direction of Belmont by Rue Jean Lurçat. You will walk along the old synagogue (which is currently the museum of Bruyères), listed historical monument. Continue straight and pass by the hospital before turning left towards Rue de l’Avison to join the foot of the hill (Avison). (1) Continue straight. At the junction, go in the direction of “Chapelle N.D de la Roche”. Down there, the Saint-Georges’ fountain (2min) symbol of Bruyères. Continue straight in the undergrowth for 300meters, turn right then turn left towards the ponds of Pointhaie.
In front of you, you will see the church of Bruyères and the castle’s mountain. Keep going down towards the ponds of Pointhaie and walk along them. A playground and picnic tables are at your disposal. (2)
Turn right in the direction of Roches de Fouchon and turn left on the D420 road for 30meters towards Brouvelieures. After crossing the road, turn left behind the house. After 400 meters, leave the forest pathway and turn right on the pathway that climbs towards the Rocks of Fouchon. Enjoy the remarkable point of view of Bruyères and the surrounding valleys. (3) Keep climbing, take the ridge line then go down always straight on. At the junction, turn right on the forest pathway (20meters) then turn left on Chemin de la Basse de l’Ane. At the junction, turn left and walk down in the undergrowth. Down the slope, turn left (400meters) then turn right to join the D420. Cross and walk along the D420 road on the right to join the pond of Monplaisir (fishing). Turn left right before the pond and continue walking on the pathway in front of you. (4) at the junction, turn left. After some meters, you will find a small road. An alternative by “les 4 chemins” is stated on your right.
Otherwise, continue straight. Right after the city sign of Bruyères, turn right then turn left (5) at the water fountain. 100meters further, turn right on the pathway behind the house. Continue straight on the road. On your right, the Ants’ Mountain is rising. At the junction turn left to join the center of Bruyères, then turn right in Rue Joffre. Now continue straight to join Place Stanislas.
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